Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On The Flip Side . . . Where We've Got More Hope - CALL TODAY!

Call in days . . . Today and Tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday) . . . get those fingers dialing!

We have a real opportunity to pass a budget that moves the country in the direction we need, but only if you . . .

Call Senators Saxby Chambliss, Johnnie Isakson and your Congressional Representative too!

Do it now, toll-free, at 1-888-436-8427!

GRUS distributing fliers asking the same thing last Friday's Stand for Peace at Colony Square in Atlanta, asking people to contact their Representatives and Senators NOW:

Tell them: "Please vote to support President Obama's budget priorities, to set us on the path to create jobs, provide health care for all, and develop renewable energy. I care about taking care of families during the recession, and about reducing poverty in the long run. These investments will revive our economy and build a foundation for long-term prosperity."

The President has produced a groundbreaking 2010 budget proposal to reset America's priorities.

But opposition is growing. That's because the budget is responsible in paying for these investments. There are corporations who don't want their loopholes closed, wealthy households who don't want to lose any of their tax deductions, military contractors who like their generous payments, and companies who don't want to pay a fee designed to reduce global warming. The hoofprints of a lot of gored oxen are visible on Capitol Hill.

The President included $634 billion in the budget as a down payment on health care reform. This is an historic commitment and a vital first step toward achieving quality, affordable health care for all in 2009. Put simply, Congress must pass a budget that funds health care if we want to enact comprehensive reform this year. It's time to turn our momentum into action and make sure President Obama's budget passes, so we can get our economy back on track and win quality affordable health care for all. (Join )

If you want the public interest to win out over the vested interests, please call your Congressional Representative and Senators Chambliss and Isakson!

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